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Try Our Free Mobile App for Instant Access to Utopia Salon & Day Spa

Try Our Free Mobile App for Instant Access to Utopia Salon & Day Spa

September 30 2019

Your life is hectic and busy, but there’s nothing more important than taking time for yourself and your well-being. At Utopia Salon & Day Spa, we’re dedicated to making your life easier. We’ve designed our free mobile app to make it easy for you to connect with Utopia right from the convenience of your own mobile device. Our free app lets you:

  • Book your appointments, check in when you arrive, and check for last-minute appointment availability

  • Discover our Utopia Salon & Day Spa specials

  • Refer a friend or family member for a relaxing day at the spa

  • Earn rewards through our exclusive loyalty program

  • Play our fun scratch-off game with exciting prizes

  • Purchase and send gift cards

  • Learn details about all Utopia Salon & Spa services

  • Meet the Utopia staff

  • Browse through our gallery of styles 

  • Read reviews from other Utopia clients and write your own review

  • Get directions to the salon & spa, contact information, and business hours

With the Utopia mobile app, you get convenience and much more, with features that help to personalize your Utopia Salon & Day Spa experience. As always, we love to see you in person, and you can find us at 510 North East Avenue in Vineland, New Jersey, or if you prefer to call, phone 856-794-9200 to book an appointment or talk with our salon & spa professionals. At Utopia Salon & Day Spa, we integrate science and nature to bring you the ultimate wellness and beauty experience.