Our technicians can transform once hidden hands into works of art! And while we beautify your hands, be sure to pamper those tired feet. A pedicure and foot massage not only looks good and feels great, but also softens your skin and relieves tired and overworked foot muscles. Be sure to visit our private pedicure room.

  • Utopia Traditional Manicure$25
  • Nails are thorougly cleaned, shaped and buffed, followed by an anti-aging hand massage and polished to perfection.

  • Signature Spa Manicure$40
  • Nails are shaped, buffed and soaked in a relaxing anti-oxidant bath. Hands and arms are exfoliated with energizing crystals to reduce the effects of aging, then dipped in a paraffin bath and heated mitts are applied to maximize penetration, followed by a relaxing massage of the hands and arms with skin softening lotion. Finally, nails are polished to perfection.

  • French Manicure$30
  • Hot Stone Manicure$35
  • Following the traditional manicure, your hands are massaged with hot basalt stones on acupressure points to release healing and balancing energy. Relieves tension from overworked hands.

  • Dip Powder$45
  • Dip Soak Off & Re-Dip$50
  • Tips w/ Dip Powder Overlay$65
  • Tips W/ Dip Soak Off and Reapply Tips W/ Dip$80+
  • Initial Gel X Application$65+
  • Gel X Soak Off and Reapplication$80+
  • Builder Gel Manicure$50+
  • Builder Gel Soak Off and Reapply$60+


  • Shellac Soak Off Only$5
  • Shellac Polish$40
  • Nails are thoroughly cleaned, shaped, buffed and polished with a Shellac brand 14 day nail color system. An application of CND solar oil is applied, which keeps your nails healthy and hydrated. Followed by a luxurious hand massage.

  • Shellac Soak off and Shellac Manicure$45
  • Shellac Soak Off & Regular Manicure$30

Add Ons

  • Nail Artby consultation
  • Polish Change$15
  • Additives or Glitter$5
  • Buff & Polish$15
  • Collagen Hand Treatment$8
  • Paraffin Hand Treatment$15
  • Relax muscles, promote hydration and ease stiffness and discomfort in joints, while giving your hands a silky smooth finish.

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