Add Ons

CBD Oil - $10 + tax
Hot Stone - $10 + tax
Flavored Add On - $10 + tax
Essential Oils - $25 + tax
Hand & Foot Exfoliation - $15 + tax
Back Exfoliation - $15 + tax
Cupping - $15
Cupping (Back Only) - $10

(Robbie Only) Calf or Upper Arm Extremities Deep Tissue with Lotion/Oil - $15

(Liz & Robbie Only) Psoas Release - $30 + tax
Do you sit, run, or workout a lot? Do you have tight hips that cause low back pain? Practitioner will release contracted hip flexor with manual release of Iliopsoas Muscle prior to stretching for increased movement, decrease pain, and even the ability to facilitate core muscles with neutral hips during workouts! This add-on is a game changer!

Utopian Massage$159 + tax

A 90 minute Swedish Massage with essential oils that includes dry brushing along your back to remove dry, dead skin and to help with circulation. Next we use hot stones and CBD oil on your back to help loosen and relax muscles. We include a cold stone face massage which is great for sinuses, migraines, and depuffing of the face. Completed with a foot scrub at the end.

Swedish Massage

30 Minutes - $45 + tax
60 Minutes - $75 + tax
90 Minutes - $105 + tax
120 Minutes - $135 + tax

Peacefully Revitalized A therapeutic treatment designed to promote relaxation, improve circulation, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress. This type of body work can be experienced in a lighter or stronger style depending on the individual’s preference.

Integrated Massage$55 to $145 + tax

30 Minutes - $55 + tax
60 Minutes - $85 + tax
90 Minutes - $115 + tax
120 Minutes - $145 + tax

Customized massage targeting your problem area using range of motion, stretches and spot deep tissue technique.

Deep Tissue Massage$65 to $155 + tax

30 Minutes - $65+ tax
60 Minutes - $95 + tax
90 Minutes - $125 + tax
120 Minutes - $155 + tax

Relieves Stress and Tension This is an invigorating massage perfect for the person seeking more detailed movements to relieve stress and chronic muscle tension. Slow intense strokes and deep finger pressure penetrate muscles and connective tissue to relax muscle fiber and ease movement.

Hot Stone Massage$89 to $119 + tax

60 minutes - $89 + tax
90 minutes - $119 + tax

A Unique Balance of Energy and Well being. An ancient Native American treatment. Warm stone therapy combines traditional Swedish massage with the use of heated basalt stones. The heat enhances the benefits of the massage by warming the muscles and joints creating a deeper stat of relaxation. Hot stone Therapy goes beyond the physical benefits of a typical massage to create a more balanced and centered state of well-being.

Lymphatic Detox$89 + tax

Full body manual lymphatic drainage for increased immunity and optimal flow of lymph. This relaxing experience is an opportunity to increase circulation of fluids, detoxify toxic waste, increase immune system function, decrease pain while facilitating parasympathetic system, and finally learn how to jump start immunity with dry brushing at home.

Prenatal Massage$69 + tax

Time: 30 - 60 Minutes.

For Mom's-To-Be in your 2nd Trimester or 3rd Trimester, this gentle, therapeutic touch of a pregnancy massage helps to alleviate back aches, leg cramps, and swelling often associated with pregnancy.

Sports Massage$55 to $145 + tax

30 minutes - $55 + tax
60 minutes - $85 + tax
90 minutes - $115 + tax

A specialty area of traditional bodywork that focuses on achieving maximum physical results. Ideal for active people, this treatment can be tailored to concentrate on the muscles relevant to your particular sport or activity. It helps remove lactic acid, restore normal muscle tone and ease movement. You remain clothed for this massage session as we include a lot of stretching.

Thai Bodywork & Stretch on Mat

90 Minutes - $139 + tax
120 Minutes - $159 + tax

Traditionally performed on a floor mat while wearing comfortable clothing, you will enjoy a full sequence of passive stretching. Manual release of soft tissue and trigger point therapy are fused with traditional massage techniques, such as compression, foot and scalp massage. Stretching is added to the massage process, relaxing the muscles to naturally regain flexibility and relieve chronic stiffness. Enjoy increased mobility and improved posture for weeks after your session!

Thai Fusion Massage on Table

60 Minutes - $89 + tax
Time: 90 Minutes - $139 + tax

This therapeutic service will be performed on a massage table and will be a fusion of deep tissue massage, Thai energy work, and full body passive stretching.
We recommend that you wear workout shorts or yoga pants to facilitate proper stretching.

Partner Thai Massage Training Session$175 + tax

Time: 2 hours

Learn to apply valuable hands-on techniques and connect with your loved one by providing open feedback, while practitioner guides giver in how to apply gentle manipulation of soft tissue along meridian lines of the body and safely stretch their partner. This relaxed, learning experience is great for couples, friends, and even parents of young athletes who wish to care for each other, for years to come! Each person will have the opportunity to be the giver and receiver for 60 minutes each. (See Thai Massage for full description of Thai Service).

Dead Sea Mud Massage$159 + tax

Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Rejuvenation of Body and Mind The Dead Sea’s wonders are as old as time. Located at the lowest point on Earth in Israel’s desert, the Dead Sea is filled with the world’s highest concentration of minerals and salts. Dead Sea mud improves body functions, fights skin disorders and detoxifies. This ancient experience begins with an 18% Dead Sea salt scrub, rich in olive oil, coconut oil, royal jelly and beeswax. Your body is then massaged with a mud oil pack, a synergy of natural mineral rich oils, and wrapped in a warm cocoon for fifteen minutes. Following cleansing, a defusing massage using a moisturizing aroma pack containing Vitamin C, Ylang Ylang, and orange blossom is performed, leaving a complete rejuvenation of the body and mind!

Shirodhara Oil Treatment & Massage$169 + tax

Time: 1 hour, 40 minutes.

Recommended for highly stressed individuals. This journey begins with an evaluation to discover your specific dosha, Vata, Pitta or Kapha. According to your dosha, an essential oil blend will be customized for you. The technique used induces a state of deep relaxation by applying a steady drip of the oils your pituitary gland, or third eye, followed by a scalp and body massage utilizing your own custom blended oils. It is recommended that the oils be left on the hair and body for several hours after treatment.

Flavored Swedish Massage$85 + tax

60 Minutes

A relaxing Swedish Massage with your choice of a scented massage oil. Ask your Massage Therapist for a selection of our oils to choose from.

Four Handed Massage$149 + tax

Time: 60 Minutes

Two massage therapists work in sync and concentrate their efforts and energy on your muscles, producing the most balanced, relaxing and rejuvenating massage.

Reflexology$45 to $75 + tax

30 minutes - $45
60 minutes - $75

Stimulates healing. An ancient non-invasive therapy that uses pressure on specific points located on the feet and hands to affect other parts of the body. Precise pressure on these reflex points releases energy blocks, improves circulation, eliminates toxins, relieves stress and stimulates your natural healing powers. This technique is done with the client fully clothed.

Chair Massage$25 + tax

Time: 20 Minutes

Try it, you’ll like it! Never had a massage? A little shy? Takes too long? Take a few minutes to have some stress relief. Done fully clothed.

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