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Get Beautiful, Shimmering Color with Hair Glossing

06 15, 2019

You’re thinking of a new Color, but you’ve seen different versions of it. In one photo, the Hair Color really pops – it’s shiny and gorgeous. In another, it’s nice, but it’s a little dull. The difference may be Hair Glossing, a treatment that really brings out the shine in your Color.

Hair Glossing is a treatment that does much more than shine. It also helps smooth out your hair to keep the frizz at bay, leaving you with a smooth shine that really brings best in your Color. Reflected light adds dimension to Color, and glossing your hair helps it really reflect those rays.

Hair Gloss comes in clear or tints and is a semi-permanent Color for your hair. It’s gentler than regular Hair Coloring and enhances your existing Color. Because there are so many options, Hair Glossing is extremely versatile. It can also be used for Color-treated hair.

For Color-treated hair, Hair Glossing extends the life of your color, gives some extra pop to those fading ends, makes the color richer and darker, calms those brassy tones, and adds that smooth, shiny finish.

For natural hair, it brightens up a dull shade, adds shine, smooths out the finish, and gives your Color new life.

For hair that’s been Highlighted, it refreshes those faded ends, deepens the Highlights so they blend in more naturally, and adds that smooth, silky shine.

To choose the right tint (or know whether to opt for clear), talk to your professional Stylist about the results you want. Your selection will depend on your primary Color and whether you have underlying tones that you’d like to correct. Also, texture matters, because the same Gloss will look different on different hair textures, even if the underlying Color is the same.

Professional Hair Glossing lasts about three weeks. You’ll still need conditioner and styling products to make your hair look great, so ask your Stylist about the best products to help maintain your silky shine. Hair Glossing is perfect for giving you that extra pop for a special occasion. Be sure to try it out in advance of your special day to ensure you have the look you want.

Inspired? You can try Hair Glossing for yourself, the secret to shiny, gorgeous Color! Make an appointment at Utopia Salon and Spa today. Our professional Stylists will help you choose the perfect Gloss for the look you’ll love! Find us at 510 North East Avenue in Vineland, New Jersey or call 856-794-9200 to book your appointment. To book and manage appointments on your mobile device, try our free mobile app, available on iTunesandGoogle Play.

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