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Reduce the Signs of Aging With Revitalight Photofacial

04 29, 2022

The many benefits of light therapy have been known for a long time. Laser treatments are probably the best known light therapy for your skin, but lasers also have some harmful side effects. The high-intensity focused energy generates heat which can be damaging to sensitive tissues. Laser treatments require a significant amount of recovery time and can sometimes lead to scarring. But there is a safe light therapy without these drawbacks. Revitalight uses state-of-the-art LED pulse technology to stimulate the regeneration of skin cells to promote healing and reduce the signs of aging safely and without damaging your skin.

LEDs use the same light frequencies as lasers, but in a more diffuse and uniform pattern that penetrates more deeply than lasers and without damaging tissues. This means that Revitalight can be applied uniformly over the treatment area without pain, discomfort, or downtime. These safe and effective treatments often produce immediately visible results that continue to get better over time. Some of the many benefits include smoother texture with less fine lines and smaller pores, more even pigmentation, broken capillaries healed, and firmer, thicker skin.

Revitalight penetrates deep into your skin tissue. Here it sets off a cascade of cellular responses including collagen production and cell renewal as well as increased blood flow to the area. As cells are regenerated and collagen fills in the gaps and plumps the skin fine lines begin to diminish, pores start to shrink, hyperpigmentation starts to fade, and skin clarity is improved due to blue LED wavelengths killing acne-causing bacteria for up to a 74% reduction in blemishes.

If you’re ready to experience smoother, clearer, younger-looking skin with zero pain and zero downtime, it’s time to give a Revitalight Photofacial at Utopia Salon & Day Spa a try. We will assess your skin concerns and set up a treatment schedule that will give you the results you want. You can find us at 510 North East Avenue in Vineland, New Jersey, or call 856-794-9200 to book your appointment for glowing skin. You can also manage your appointments with our free mobile app, available for download on iTunes or Google Play.

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