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Guys - Relieve Sore Muscles with a Sports Massage

03 15, 2020

Whether you are a weekend jogger, a professional athlete, or someone whose job is physically demanding, you’ve no doubt had to deal with overworked, pulled, or otherwise sore muscles and joints. Recovery takes time and can sometimes cause you to miss out on work or sit out the game. You can help speed up your recovery and relieve those sore muscles, or perhaps prevent them in the first place, with a Sports Massage.

Ease Pain from Injuries and Overuse

If you’ve already overdone it and caused a strain or sprain, Sports Massage can help you on the road to recovery. Massage can ease your pain by relieving tension in the tissues surrounding the injury. So rather than popping a pain reliever and waiting it out, let your Massage Therapist help work the soreness out of those overworked muscles.

Prevent Injuries and Soreness

It’s very important to prepare your body for a really demanding activity. Sports Massage performed before your event works much like a pre-workout warm-up. By targeting key muscle groups, tendons, and joints to increase their range of motion and flexibility, injuries are usually avoided entirely.

Enhance Performance

There have been many studies on the benefits of Massage. These studies have shown that as well as reducing muscle tension and pain benefits of massage may include: decreased blood pressure, improved sleep, decreased anxiety, increased flexibility and range of motion, improved healing of connective tissues, and decreased muscle spasms. If you are well-rested and relaxed you will perform better, whether at work or play.

When Should I Have a Sports Massage?

Our Massage Therapists can help you develop a schedule based on your unique needs and lifestyle. Most people do well with a Massage either before or immediately after an especially grueling event, and then once every week or two for maintenance. Even if it’s only an occasional treat you can still reap many benefits from a Sports Massage.

If you’ve overdone it at the gym or have a big event coming up, schedule an appointment at Utopia Salon and Spa today. Our Licensed Massage Therapists can help you feel better sooner, or help you perform better without hurting yourself. You’ll find us at 510 North East Avenue in Vineland, New Jersey or call 856-794-9200 to book your appointment. To manage appointments on the go, download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play.

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