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How Professional, Monthly Facials Help Your Skin

06 30, 2019

There’s nothing quite like a Professional Facial. It’s the ultimate in pampering, and when you walk out of the Spa you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Many people have professional Facials done only on special occasions – for Weddings, the Prom, family reunions – but having a professional Facial every month gives you important benefits for your skin.

The Deep Cleanse. You clean your face every day, but at-home products can’t compete with the tools and products available for a professional. Your UtopiaEsthetician can assess your skin’s condition and use the right products for your immediate needs that will clean out trapped dirt, dead skin cells, and bacteria that could cause problems. Professional Facials clean and exfoliate your skin with better results than you can get at home.

The De-stress. Everyone needs a little “me” time in this rushed, always-on world. A professional Facial lets you sit back and be pampered while optimizing your skin’s health. Stress can cause many negative symptoms that can leave you exhausted. A little time at the Spa each month is just the ticket to sooth away stress and relax.

Fighting the Effects of Time. Over time, we all begin to see the effects of aging – fine lines, wrinkles, and dry, rough skin. The sooner we start anti-aging treatments, the more effective they can be. Professional Facials include products and processes that fight the aging process, stimulating collagen production and cell renewal to keep your skin firm, soft, and young looking.

A Professional Opinion. Having regular Facials lets your professional Esthetician assess the needs of your skin over time and stop problems before they happen. If your Esthetician notices an issue, they can treat it and recommend additions to your regular skincare routine that can prevent problems from happening again. Your skin changes throughout the seasons, so you’ll also get the best advice for different products to use in different seasons, personalized to the needs of your skin.

The Customized Approach. Speaking of skin issues, if any arise, your UtopiaEsthetician has everything you need to treat and address the issue. There are special, professional-grade products for acne treatment, anti-aging, uneven skin tones, redness, scarring, and more, and your Esthetician has an arsenal ready to help control them all. Each Facial is a customized experience designed for your needs and updated as time passes to adjust to your skin’s changing needs.

Most professionals recommend regularly scheduled, monthly Facials for optimal results. If you’re due for a Facial, make an appointment at Utopia Salon andSpa today. Our Estheticians will give you a personalized Facial for your skin’s individual needs. You can find us at 510 North East Avenue in Vineland, New Jersey or call 856-794-9200 to book your appointment, or try our free mobile app on iTunesor onGoogle Playto instantly schedule and manage appointments right from your mobile device.

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