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Keep Waxing Through the Winter for Healthy Skin

12 27, 2019

You may think of Waxing as a grooming treatment for the Summer, but there are many reasons for keeping up with Waxes through the Winter, as well. Why bother when the weather forces you to cover up anyway? Because Waxing is not just Hair Removal. Let’s look at how Waxing can help your skin as well as a couple of other benefits to consider.

Healthy Glowing Skin - Frigid temperatures outside and dry heat indoors can leave your skin dull, dry and flaky. Waxing not only removes unwanted hair, it also removes this outer layer of dead dry skin cells. As a result, the smooth, supple skin underneath is revealed. This newly exfoliated skin will more readily absorb moisturizers to prevent dryness from returning. You’ll have glowing healthy skin all season long.

Slowed Hair Growth for Summer - It’s a fairly well-known fact that regular Waxing slows hair regrowth. The longer you continue to Wax the less often you need to do it. This is because Waxing interrupts the hair growth cycle. If you stop Waxing in the Winter because you aren’t planning to don a bikini, your hair growth cycle will be reset. So when warm weather returns you will be back to square one needing to Wax more often. Keep Waxing through the Winter, and you will continue to reap the rewards of slowed hair growth when it’s time to hit the beach.

Reduced Pain - Removing hair at the root weakens the hair follicles. This results in regrowth that is thinner and finer than before. These finer hairs are more brittle and easier to remove resulting in less pain. If you take a break the hair follicles have a chance to recover and by swimsuit season you will be facing a more painful Waxing session.

Keep your skin soft and healthy this Winter while getting a leg up on Summer. Schedule your Waxing appointment at Utopia Salon and Spa today. You can find us at 510 North East Avenue in Vineland, New Jersey or call 856-794-9200 to book your appointment. Manage your appointments on the go with our free mobile app, available for download on iTunes and Google Play.


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