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Super Cute Hairstyles for Back to School

08 15, 2021

It’s time again to get ready to head back to school. Everyone can relate to the anxiety of rushing about trying to get everything perfect and still make it to class on time. We’ve put together some ideas for easy hairstyles that will ease the stress of busy school mornings by having your hair looking fabulous in a flash. 

Fishtail With a Twist
Secure the front temple sections of your hair in the back with a clear elastic. Flip this mini ponytail through its middle to create a twist. Repeat with the sections just above your ear to make a second twist. Using the ends of these twists, create a fishtail braid to the ends. Watch how here.

Half Up Double Wrapped Braid
Section off the top half of your hair and secure in the back. Pull out a few pieces around your face for a wispy look. Wrap a small section of hair around the elastic to hide it and secure it with a bobby pin. Braid the rest and secure the end as you did the top. Watch how here.

Bun With Dutch Braid
Part your hair on the side and create a Dutch braid from the part all the way down the side. Secure with a clear elastic and fluff out the sides of the braid by gently tugging on a few pieces. Gather the rest of your hair on that same side to create a low messy bun and secure it with an elastic. Wrap the ends of the Dutch braid around the elastic and pin it in place. Watch how here.

Crown Twist Braid
Part your hair on the side. Starting at the part, create a Dutch or French braid along the front hairline to the nape. Repeat on the other side and secure both braids underneath the rest of your hair in the back. Watch how here.

Side French Braid
Create a side part. Secure two sections of hair with a clear elastic and flip through the center. Just below repeat with another two sections of hair. Continue down to create a French braid or end it right at the ear. Watch how here.

If you need to update your Hair Color or need a new Haircut to kick off the new school year, come see our talented Stylists at Utopia Salon and Spa. We’ll create a fresh look that’s easy for you to style, ensuring that you’ll always look your best. 

Give us a call at 856-794-9200 or use our free mobile app available from iTunes or Google Play to schedule your appointment for a new back-to-school style. We’ll see you soon at 510 North East Avenue in Vineland, New Jersey.

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