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Tips to Keep Your Hair Gorgeous Between Salon Visits

05 15, 2019

Everyone loves that feeling you get when you first walk out of the Salon. Your hairstyle is perfect, the Color shimmers in the sun, and your hair feels as soft as silk. You want to keep that feeling until your next Salon visit – and with the right hair care, you can! Today, we’ve put together some tips from the pros for keeping your hair in its best condition between Salon visits.

Wash Infrequently. You heard us right! Shampoos can leave your hair dry by stripping away the natural oils your hair needs to stay soft and shiny. Most people wash too often, and it can take a toll on your hair. Try washing only two or three times a week to keep your hair healthy and soft. This tip is important no matter what your hair type. Use a Dry Shampoo on those in-between days to keep things feeling fresh. Try one of these from our Utopia Salon Online Shop: Goldwell Color Dry Shampoo and Goldwell Repower Volume Dry Shampoo!

Always Condition. Conditioning is a must for every hair type. The trick is using the right product that’s formulated for your needs. Conditioner creates a protective barrier that keeps each hair strand from heat and environmental damage. The outer cells of damaged hair can separate, causing that frizzy, dry look and excess tangling. Conditioner holds it all together and makes your hair silky smooth. You can find your favorite Conditioner on our website Shop now or stop in a pick one up in person!

Lower the Heat. We all love hot showers, but that extra heat can damage your hair. When washing or conditioning, rinse your hair in the warm – or even cool – water instead of hot. If you use heated styling tools to put together your style, use a heat protectant first or, better yet, avoid the heat and go with an air-dry style. Using less heat is always better for your hair. Goldwell's Color Protective Blow-Dry Spray is a great option to keep your hair protected from harmful UV rays from the sun and styling heat! Plus, added bonus, it adds brilliance and detangles!

Use Masques and Deep Conditioners. Ask your Stylist for the best Moisturizing Hair Masques and Conditioners to use in between visits. At-home products might work for some, but if your hair is exceptionally dry, you may need to come into the Salon for a Deep Conditioning Treatment. Conditioning is especially important for Color-treated and processed hair. Your Color will look its best when it reflects light, which is only possible if your hair is well-conditioned and shiny.

Use Professional Products. Only use Shampoos, Conditioners, and other hair products recommended by your Stylist. Grocery store brands often contain unnecessary ingredients that will dry out your hair and ruin your style and Color investment. Use the same products the pros use for the best results. Your Stylist knows your hair well and can provide the best recommendations for you.

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