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Weather Getting Cold? Keep Waxing!

10 28, 2018

As the weather starts to change and the days of donning your bikini for a day on the beach become memories, it’s tempting to set aside your regular schedule of Waxing and just do a few touch-ups with the razor here and there. However, letting things slide can cause more harm than good when Spring comes around again. Waxing has many benefits over shaving or other methods of hair removal, but these are most evident when you Wax on a regular schedule. Before stopping your routine for the cold months ahead, consider these benefits:

Inhibiting Hair Regrowth. Regular Waxing makes hair in treated areas grow back thinner than shaving. We all know the frustration of stubble after shaving, sometimes on the very next day. Shaving cuts hair at the surface, so it’s able to regrow much faster, and because the cuts are at an angle, stubble can actually appear darker and thicker as it regrows. However, Waxing removes hair at the root. Before it can regrow, it has to regrow the follicle, which takes time. In fact, hair may even eventually stop growing in areas that are waxed regularly. Stopping your Waxing in the colder months puts a damper on this process.

Exfoliation. As wax is removed, it also serves to exfoliate the treated areas, removing dirt and dead skin cells that can clog pores and make still appear dull and unhealthy. Regular Waxing gives you regular exfoliation, which clears up clogged pores and stimulates cell regrowth and collagen production, the process that gives you younger looking skin. Interrupting this process for several months disrupts this healthy cycle. 

Self-confidence. Waxing lasts considerably longer than shaving. We’ve all experienced that moment when we put off shaving but suddenly need to wear that short skirt for an indoor event. With regular Waxing, you have the confidence of knowing that you’re always ready for any occasion.

No Nicks, Cuts, or Ingrown Hairs. When you switch to shaving for the colder months, you risk nicks and cuts that are both unsightly and can cause infection. You are also more likely to have ingrown hairs, which can be painful. Waxing eliminates these problems and keeps your legs smooth and beautiful, year-round.

As you can see, a break in your regular Waxing schedule can undo months – even years – of benefits. Keeping up with your Waxing helps you look great and feel confident all year. In fact, if you haven’t waxed before, the colder months are the best time to start, so by the time summer rolls around, your legs (and everywhere else you waxed) will look their best!

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