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Why Is Everyone Floating at Utopia Salon and Spa?

04 21, 2021

In a world where we are constantly bombarded by sensory input, stress is a way of life. We carry the weight of stress around with us as we go about our daily lives, bogging us down and leaving us emotionally and physically worn out. Besides the obvious – and not so obvious – effects, stress can also affect our sleep, cause ailments to our body, dull our skin, and overwhelm our senses, causing behavior changes with anxiety and depression. These are just some of the reasons why everyone is using Float Relaxation Therapy at Utopia Salon and Spa.

What Is Floating?
Floating is a relaxation therapy that eliminates all distractions and sensory input to allow you to just simply be. You are suspended, floating weightless, in a tank filled with a high-concentration of Epsom saltwater that is heated to match your body temperature. No noise, no light (or dim light, your preference), no feelings of anything touching you, not even a feeling of gravity – the whole world will seemingly just melt away and leave you with only your thoughts.


Benefits of Float Therapy
While just escaping everyday stress may seem like enough reason to try Float Therapy, it also has many health benefits for your hair, skin, and nails.


  • Detoxify - Absorbs magnesium, which improves the cellular process in the skin and helps to detoxify the body and clear up skin irritations.
  • Immunity - Makes the immune system stronger and can increase the recovery rate of many ailments.
  • Pain Relief - With the calming effect, the body will trigger endorphins, relieving and reducing pain.
  • Healthy Hair - Epsom salt works to remove built-up hair products and restore your hair to its natural state, making your hair thicker and healthy.
  • Improve Circulation - As your body’s pressure is relieved, your blood vessels can dilate fully to immediately lower your blood pressure and maximize how much oxygen, red blood cells, and blood your body is receiving.

Besides the health benefits, studies have found that Float Therapy has an impact on learning skills, adjusting behavior by reducing depression and decreasing anxiety, sharpening your focus, and encouraging creativity.

The result of your Float session is to leave your mind and body feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Have Some Fun

Normally when you jump into a tank of water you would sink straight to the bottom if you made no effort to float or swim. But the buoyancy of the water inside the float tank keeps you from sinking with no effort on your part due to the high concentration of Epsom salt. This will give you the feeling of floating on air. How fun is that?

Truly Get Away from It All

When was the last time you had a good chunk of time to yourself with absolutely no distractions, no doorbells, no phone calls, and no kids, bosses, or coworkers making demands of your time? If you’re like most people, the answer is never! Chances are that even when you schedule a bit of time for yourself there are at least a few interruptions. During your Float session, you will truly be getting away from it all – from everything. You’ll finally know what true relaxation really feels like.

At Utopia Salon and Spa we specialize in pampering our clients to help them leave us looking and feeling their best, and now with the addition of Float Therapy in our Wellness Center, we can truly help your stress melt away. Call 856-794-9200 or download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to book your appointment today. Come see us at 510 North East Avenue in Vineland, New Jersey, and find out for yourself why everyone is Floating at Utopia!


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